Senior Services

Senior Coupons

Farm Hands Nourish runs the Double SNAP Dollar program that provides an additional $10 benefit per market to each SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as “food stamps”) recipient. 

Senior Coupons are also a federally funded program, but this funding falls extremely short and is only offered in a few communities.  Farm Hands with the help of the Whitefish Community Foundation offers coupon books to Seniors at the Whitefish Farmers Market and the Columbia Falls Community Market. 

Farm Hands Nourish is committed to supporting local farmers. Currently Flathead County SNAP recipients receive 13 million dollars in benefits. Our program, Double SNAP Dollar program, encourages the expenditure of SNAP dollars at  Farmers Markets, which ensures that farm families of the Flathead benefit financially from this national program. Our Senior Coupon Program offers a different population this same capacity to support local farms.

Farm Hands Nourish is committed to supporting local eaters. Within our community, 10% of residents depend on SNAP funding. Double SNAP Dollars offers recipients a healthy, nutritious, and affordable option for purchasing food. Our Senior Coupon program encourages the elderly to participate in Farmer’s Market, a vibrant part of our community. This participation in community, eating healthy food, and sharing of stories provides health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Over the past year SNAP recipients have been inquiring about hands-on participation in growing food. In response to these requests, we plan to expand our outreach program to include nutrition, cooking classes. Education plays a key role in community building and substantiation. Farm Hands has successfully fed and educated Flathead residents about healthy food systems, and now looks to encourage integration of these learned skills.

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