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“Our mission is to reconnect people to the sources of their food and to those who produce it through education, outreach, and market support.”


Join us for a Farmer Field Day with Brooke Bohannon from Wicked Good Farm 

Friday June 9th from 4:30-6pm

45 Fir Avenue Whitefish

The workshop will start in Brooke’s backyard and end at her Conn Road farm.


Whether you’re just considering taking the leap from hobbyist to entrepreneur or ready to expand your backyard garden into a profitable farm, Brooke will guide you through the exciting process of scaling up.

Topics will include:

  • Finding land and getting a lease
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Sources of funding
  • Creating and locating markets
  • Record keeping

Brooke herself recently expanded her backyard market garden into a 1.5 acre farm. She’ll discuss the steps she took to get there and share stories of her struggles and successes along the way.

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